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Masážní roztok Herbadent

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30.květen 2000
I want to buy 4 bottles of Herbadent Spofa Masazni roztok. I live in USA. Please let me know how? Thank you. I have tried contacting the apothecary in Prague. I have received no answer. Can you possibly assist (e-mail) with an English to Czech translation? I could also use Russian. Thank you very much.

1st question:
Try contact an apothecary’s in Prague, Czech republic – e.g.
Web address:
Phone number: +420-2-57320194 I trust You’ll succeed.

2nd question:
I am sure the problem is not the language. Please try another pharmacy in Czech republic. List of addresses (structured according to cities) You’ll find at:

Pavel Kostiuk, M.D.

Autor: MUDr. Pavel Kostiuk CSc.