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Přípravek Traumacel

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12.říjen 2000
Please can you let me have details of Traumacel in powder and tela form as my interest is of an academic nature for use in chronic wound healing with natural products. I would be especially grateful for any clinical papers for the above related to diabetic wound healing.

Traumacel (carboxycellulosum calcicum) is produced in Czech Republic by Bioster, Tejny 621, CZ-66471 Veverska Bityska, tel. 00420/504/429111, fax 00420/504/429132. Traumacel is a hemostyptic drug. It comes in two forms – as tela (Traumacel T) for flat surface capillary bleedings from parenchymatose organs (e.g. after partial resection of kidney, liver, brain, lung etc) and as pulvis (Traumacel P) for capillary bleedings from deep wounds (traumatic, after surgery – organ ectomies etc.).

Application of Traumacel in contaminated surfaces is contraindicated. Some indications of Traumacel according to the producer are: transplantation of vessels, skin transplantation, greater biopsies, brain surgery, bleeding burned surfaces, endoscopy. I am sorry but we did not found any article about Traumacel in diabetic wound healing. There are some articles about use of Traumacel in other conditions. Try Pubmed (keyword: Traumacel) or ask the producer for more informations.

Autor: MUDr. Pavel Kostiuk CSc.